Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Lorax and a Snowman

We LOVE going to the movies!

 I love going to kid movies. It's so fun to be among the chaos, hear their little laughs and watch their reactions. Eric is learning to love them too :)

So Saturday we picked up "the babies" (my younger siblings) and took them on a date to the movies.  We got three buckets of popcorn, two huge drinks, and loved every minute of it.  The Lorax is an awesome show for all ages,  and it has a great message! We all left singing and dancing to the songs from the show.

Go see it! You'll love it. 

After we went back to the house to drop them off and Milli wanted to build a snowman.  She is the best big sister to the babies. We definitely had to stick around to oversee the project. They built the best snowman I've seen in a long time, and everyone helped!

It was perfect "packing" snow

A snowman in March? Why not?

Visha has perfected her poses lately.  She's a baby lady!


  1. I want to see the lorax! cute pics

  2. I am waiting for another update!!! Love you guys!