Tuesday, April 17, 2012

From Auto to M

On top of my Christmas list this last year was a camera. I really really wanted a camera.

On our honeymoon, we took Eric's old mission camera which was great (7 years ago) with us to document our adventure!  So between that and my iphone we came back with an adequate amount of pictures to prove we actually went to Costa Rica. That is, until I deleted them all off the baby Mac...it's amazing how good Eric is on computers and how frustrated they make me! In the "techy" department we make the saying 'Opposites Attract' an absolute truth. Anywho, a camera.

We boxed up the old mission camera when we moved to Arkansas and therefore never took ANY pictures.  I was very concerned about this. I could invision our future children wanting to see what mommy and daddy looked like when they were young and married, with no pictures to show them.  I knew we were missing out on vital photo opportunities because of the lack of a great camera. It was a serious problem. Although somehow Eric just couldn't see the urgency in photographing our every move, meal, and date. Granted we didn't have a blog back then. Ha!

I must have been a really good girl because we got an awesome camera! My nanny family spoiled us and got us a really nice Canon. I was Thrilled! The new camera was so fancy though that I was too scared to ever move any of the settings off of Auto, nor did I have any idea what any of the numbers, letters or zig-zags meant. Not to worry though- my ignorance has been remedied! A very nice man named Morgan was kind enough to give me photography/camera 101 and here are the results from my little lesson:

 So now I know a little about ISO

Shutter Speed



And I've moved my setting from Auto to M. Manual.

Photography is a very complex matter!!! I'm clearly still a novice, and i'm pretty sure I could never go pro... but at least I know what the M stands for now :)

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