Thursday, April 19, 2012

Some Numbered Reasons

Tuesday night we had my bruskee and his girlfriend Melanie over for dinner.  It was such a fun evening! Kyle is kind of known to have a huge appetite all the time so I made a large pot of chicken tortilla soup.  I would love to share a picture but he ate THE WHOLE THING! haha like I said earlier, he's an animal.  We loved having them in our home and playing a few rounds of bananagrams, it's a favorite around here and Mel caught on so quickly. Which earned her mucho brownie points. 

Yesterday was such a great day for a number of reasons:

1. Eric finished his last Final- Hooray! He is so ready to graduate and be out of school.  I have to say though, even if he had a little "senior-itis", he still went to every class this semester, on time, and finished strong!  I was a little less enthusiastic towards the end of my college career but Eric is such a hard worker and is always so motivated.  I love that about him.

2. Mama Pen Pen made a surprise visit down to Provo to drop off these beautiful flowers (that smell so good) and a super cute nautical bag with a red stiletto shoe on it.  The red stiletto has sentimental meaning between us and if you've ever seen the movie Chocolate than you might understand a little bit.  It made my heart so happy to see her. I truly am so blessed to be her daughter, she's so amazing. I loved getting to show her off to my co-workers too! I just love her.

 3.  At night we got to watch our neighbors two little nuggets for a while! They are the cutest little boys and we had so much fun watching Emperors New Groove, playing on the Ipad, and making cookies with them. The younger one loved the cookie dough!

4. When we were looking through the kids section of Netflix for something to watch, the older brother saw this and said, "That means No Holy Ghosts!" haha they obviously have great parents!

5. On Tuesday we ran 7.2 miles and were still alive for Wednesday.

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