Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy Campers

Memorial Day weekend we took off for a little Colorado camping getaway! Despite the severe high wind warnings, we bought new Keens, found 2 sleeping bags and took off with our good friends Ash and Jer! A little wind never hurt anyone, apparently it just made them look muslim for a short period of time. This would explain my "sexy scarf wrapped around ones head look" going on below.  Don't be fooled, it was wrapped around my entire face while we took a 2 mile stroll around Hovenweep in 50 mph winds! 
The scarf seriously saved me! I was still spitting dust for hours after but it was totally worth it.

Normally these puppies are a mere 100 dollars...YIKES! But if you are like me and want the bright purple ones so bad you find the largest size they have in kids....they are only $49! Woot woot!

Eric was so pleased with his TJ Maxx headlight and lantern find.

I quite possibly had to wear my bright red fuzzy socks with my keens for the majority of the trip.
We spent a whole day touring through the Mesa Verde National Park: home of the best preserved indian ruins in the North American Continent.  They were AMAZING!
Eric Sperlunking out of an underground dwelling.

The Ancestral Puebloans must have known what they were doing because their architecture is still standing after 700 years.

Hello Handsome.

A highlight of the trip was watching a Native American dance program going on in the park. This little guy was so adorable and took his performance so seriously.  He was just the cutest.

He never missed a beat..wish I had it on video.

We had such a great weekend being out-doorsy and camping. Granted, we stayed in a KOA so we weren't roughing it too much with showers and bathrooms... but that's about as rough as Eric and I get so it was perfect. It was a nice change of scenery with great company!


  1. I love the scarf!! haha it's the best. And the pictures are great, as always.:) glad you guys had fun!!

  2. You are just too cute to handle! I LOVE the socks!

  3. $49??? Sweet deal you are so creative Kimster!!

  4. Looks like you guys had fun. Wish we could have joined!

  5. How fun! We need to do a camping trip sometime! You are just adorable :)