Monday, July 9, 2012

Americans in Vienna

It's a very surreal feeling waking up in a hotel room in a foreign country, and remembering that we will be living here for quite a long time!  We both still feel like we could just be on vacation, mostly because we are living out of our suitcases and I am still munching on fishy crackers I bought at the Target in Orem. But while reality sinks in, we are having a wonderful adventure. The night before we left when I had my two or three glistening tears out of pure exhaustion aka "major breakdown" the only thing I was really nervous about was flying. Not moving to a country where I didn't know the language or that the movie Taken's plot would become my real life (which I've definitely thought about), I was mostly worried our flight would crash into the ocean. So when I woke up from a 7 hour nap and Eric told me we were going to eat breakfast and land, I literally said a prayer of thanks! It was an amazing flight, with amazing food, and amazingly no crashes!  When we first got off the airplane we had instructions from one of the lovely Vienna stewardesses on how to get to our hotel.  The only problem was the train she told us to take was down. So we wandered around aimlessly, realized we had no clue where to go, and found a nice man who sold us a bus ticket.  The bus dropped us off right in front of our hotel. Thanks again!

After showering off in our hotel room, we decided we'd try to stay awake the rest of the day in order to get ahead of the jetlag...that lasted about 3 minutes and then we both passed out.  Traveling 8 hours ahead in time can really mess a body up!  When we woke up it was about dinner time so we headed out to Stephansplatz.  It's a very touristy, all walking, no driving, everyone must be eating gelato area.  It was so much fun, it felt like a dream walking around all the old architecture and listening to very talented sidewalk musicians serenade the passers-by. Not a bad first taste of our new home.   

In the mornings we have a wonderful breakfast at the hotel, I don't know what happens to lunch and then basically we eat gelato for dinner. This won't become a permanent thing, but for now it works. We found the newest organic trendy place for ice-cream.  Eis Greissler. We actually just noticed there was always a very long line to get in and thought it had to be a good sign.  We were right!

It is a very cute, tiny shop that offers gelato made with organic milk from their own cows. As you'll notice they offer the Big Wow for 4,60. Love it.

Any establishment where there's a plethora of options, such as an ice-cream shop,  is basically my worst nightmare.  Like I start to sweat and repeat, "i don't know" over and over until I impulsively choose one, which in fact is not the one I really want. 


This is how I ended up with poppy seed gelato!? Who chooses poppy seed ice-cream when there are so many normal, yummy, full-proof flavors?  This girl.  It was....not good. After this picture was taken, the top scoop promptly "fell" into the flowerbeds to offer nourishment.  The bottom scoop (the one Eric told me to get) was delicious however!

 So far Eric is winning in the gelato flavor picking category, going with a raspberry and mango combination. Good thing we are share-ers!

On Sunday I was so excited to find our church! What a blessing to have something so familiar in a place so far away.  We took a train and then a bus to get to church and arrived in about 20 minutes.  Above is the lovely street we walk down once we get off the bus.

This is our building, it is great except it has no air conditioning! It was 95 degrees Sunday and it is extremely humid here. I thought I was going to keel over. I don't know how Eric made it through in his getup. Luckily they had a lot of fans and during the last hour a quick rainstorm came through and cooled us all off. Aside from my venting about the heat, the ward seems awesome. So many different people from different places and they all have such great faith.  I can't wait to get to know them better.

 I was so surprised when I walked into our church because I realized it was one of the places I performed when I came to Vienna with my piano teacher, Dr. Hatch and other young pianists years ago.  Being here reminds me so much of that tour and all the great memories.

After church we took a stroll down by the river and enjoyed more beautiful sights. In the last three days I've realized it would be very hard to look over dressed here but you can easily feel under dressed. Moral-we need to go shopping! We have also realized we need to learn some German right away.  I just feel like a complete idiot not knowing anything, but people have been so nice to us.  Especially after we tell them we just moved here, it seems to be a key word bumping us up a notch above "obnoxious American tourists".


  1. Glad you guys made it safe! You'll have to keep your blog updated with all of your adventures. Love ya!

  2. So excited to read about all your adventures!

  3. Oh you guys are so awesome and I'm so excited for you both. Poppy seed gelato... oh' Kimmi... you make me laugh.

  4. Yes! so excited to see a blog post. Vienna looks amazing.

  5. hahaha you are a funny bunny. lovin' all the pics, take lots!! hope you get settled into a home soon--also, I'm pretty sure you have PLENTY of adorable clothes. But yeah, there's nothin' like european fashion!