Sunday, July 29, 2012

Last Monday morning I got a knock on the door and a flower delivery man was standing there (drenched in rain) speaking to me in very fast german to sign for flowers....

I was so confused but then he handed me the paper with the name Kimberly Ann Sumsion on it (oh yes, due to the fact that the only official document we didn't bother to change to have my new last name was my passport and passports are more important than a birth certificate here, I am still a Sumsion in Vienna) and I signed away. 

Thank you Bank Austria for the warm welcome to our new flat! We will enjoy banking with you.

 Walking all over the city to run errands and such, I usually build up a serious appetite. One day I decided to try out a little Cafe close to our apartment. I was craving some protein (one can only survive on cheese and bread for so long) and ordered this uhhhhmazing dish. The waitress was so funny when I told her I was from Utah. She said, " Utah! Ah Yes, AMISH!!"  ummmm No. But close.

After Eric got home from work one day we walked down to Mariahilferstrasse. It is one of the more popular shopping areas with incredible stores! It's a 10 minute walk from our flat. Not good for obvious reason$ but great for my closet! After doing some damage in the stores we were going for ice-cream and walked into a police escorted protest.  

They were protesting against deportation of asylum seekers.  Eric looked over and saw his coworker/friend Brady.  He hopped out of the protest to talk to us and apparently he had just joined them so he could walk in the street haha.  He then invited us to tag along with him and his buddy to meet up with their friends at the Pop Festival going on in Karlzplats. 

There was a stage set up in the pond and people were rockin out. It was pretty cool to see the entire hipster scene of Austria in one enclosed location but not really our style so I used the ever clever "must find a bathroom" excuse to politely make our exit. 

This weekend was our ward picnic in the park behind our church. It was probably the best potluck I have ever been to. There was so much delicious food! Everyone just sat and talked and played games in the park for hours. We love our ward and have made some awesome friends already. After the picnic we went with our new friends the Irbingers to the carnival area of the park. Jasmine and I hopped on this beastly ride. Impressing new friends with my adventurous personality didn't last for long.

Yep. Im in there somewhere, screaming hysterically and about to lose my cookies.  The recovery after was not pretty. Poor Eric. 

It's amazing how easily we can still communicate with our friends and family back home, sans the time difference. Even down to playing Drawsomething! Pen pen draws some gems so I had to post this one because I loved it so much.  "HI" hat and all. 

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  1. I am seriously loving all these blog updates!! Your mom's drawing is awesome! The "HI" hat!!!! haha I am so glad you guys are having a great time in Vienna... it will be even better when I come live with u guys soon!!! haha