Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Weekend in Venice

Monday was a UN holiday so Eric had work off. With an extra long weekend we decided to take advantage of it and go on a quick little get-away to Venice! We thought Venice sounded romantic and a good first destination away from Vienna.

Friday night we hopped on a "sleeper train" at 8:30pm and arrived in Venice the next morning. We shared a wagon with 4 other people, but luckily we had awesome bunk mates there and back so it just added to the trip. Traveling by train was a great way to see the beautiful countryside, I loved it!

Eric is the best at making travel plans. He found us the greatest place to stay at on airbnb.com. It is an awesome site where people rent out their extra flats or rooms. We rented a studio apartment close to the main city square and it was perfect. A boy named Alex met us at the station to take us to our place. He just looked so Italian, I had to sneak some pictures.

The walk down to our place looked exactly how I imagined.



We quickly realized it was way too hot to go sight seeing during the day so we packed a lunch and went to ALBERONI (Albert Einstein + Macaroni is how we remembered it) Beach!

  It was so relaxing, and the humid air felt so good! 

In the afternoon, we set out to see the sights! The rumors were true and there were A TON of tourists. I read that typically there are more tourists than residents in Venice, but... it's the city on the water so of course everyone wants to see it! There were no cars. It was so cool to take a water taxi everywhere and to see police boats and ambulance boats...I wondered if there was a school boat for the children?

We found a great restaurant called Osteria Alla Staffa, and it wasn't too expensive (unlike a lot of the restaurants in Venice) for dinner one night. We didn't make a reservation but they let us in on the condition that if others came we would share our table. We thought sure, why not? A few minutes later Fabio and Milena from Brazil came and asked to share our table.

The four of us just hit it off. We ended up staying at the restaurant for three and a half hours talking and laughing and then walking around and getting lost in Venice. It was so fun to make new friends.

Monday we took a little trip out to a different Island called Burano. It was rated the #2 thing to do on trip advisor and for good reason. It was the most colorful city I have ever seen. It was very small but had a lot of charm. I sort of felt like a creeper just walking through people's neighborhoods and snapping pics but I guess they are used to it. 

This pink house was for Visha Baby!

Venice was definitely worth seeing and was a wonderful place to spend the weekend. It felt strange in a way to be away from Vienna, it kind of made Vienna seem like part of the trip and that we would be going back to the U.S. after. We miss our family and friends so much so we hope everyone knows that there is a wide open invitation to come visit us! We would love it!

And in 10 more days all of our stuff will hopefully arrive (Yes it is STILL crossing the Atlantic)... so we will have couches for you to sit on and a table for you to eat at! We CAN'T wait!


  1. Oh my gosh! This looks soooo fun. Venice looks sweet!

  2. Kimmi that is just so beautiful! You should have you own "Kimmi does Europe" TV show or something!

  3. This looks amazing!! Every time I look at a pic of you guys I think "you guys are the cutest!" I am planning my trip already! Love you guys!

  4. WOW!!! Venice looks beautiful. Love those long weekends!

  5. Wow! This is amazing. How lucky are you two? And how much fun. I'm glad you guys had a little getaway. Love it!

  6. You are quite the photographer! Your pictures turned out amazing. What a beautiful weekend!!! xo