Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall Walk

The season has definitely changed here in Vienna. We still have some sunny days but there is a fall crisp in the air and I am LOVING it! You need a jacket but if you are in the sun it feels so amazing. The other day it was the perfect temperature and since I know they are coming to an end I took advantage of it by going on a nice little stroll through town. 

Rathaus flower boxes were still looking so beautiful.

To the left you see the "walkers" pathway and on the right is the "bikers" path. There are definite rules of the two paths and they do not mingle!

We catch the 2 tram if we don't feel like walking the extra couple blocks home sometimes, it stops close to our street.

People are always laying and relaxing in the parks.

The Wine Festival was going on in Prater Park and people were dressed up in their fancy typical Austrian lederhosen to attend. I love how Austrians take wearing their lederhosen very seriously. A lot of people wear them as an every day outfit.

I'm thinking we should get some!

The leaves at Prater Parks are starting to change....I love autumn!

The Parliament had a big pink ribbon up for breast cancer awareness month. I loved seeing their support in such a big way! Especially because some of my family members who I love so much have fought or are still fighting breast cancer. 


  1. WOW! It looks so pretty there!! I love how that guy in the carriage thinks you're taking his picture!

  2. So so so jealous! I miss you Kimmi!!!

  3. Oh my goodness, it is so absolutely beautiful there! I am so glad you get to experience Vienna. The architecture and landscaping is stunning. Keep your pictures coming! It has definitely gotten cold here too...we even got some snow! Ah! Aaand, I love the pictures of the guys wearing their lederhosen. Haha!

    Cody and Kaylie