Monday, October 8, 2012

Feels Like Home!

We absolutely love our little home here in Vienna!

Eric says I have to show the Bare-Bones-Before pictures of our place first. Just so you get an idea of what it was like for the first 8 weeks we lived in it....

(I've always wanted a white kitchen)

Yep- washing machine is in the kitchen right under the fridge! It seemed totally wrong to me at first but now it seems totally normal. I even love air drying all of our clothes now.

My closet.

Erics closet.

The air mattress, cheap travel pillows I bought because I didn't want to buy more "real" pillows and the make shift night stand that served as our bed set for 2 months! 

My very own yoga studio haha

I do love the old key holes in all of our doors.

So you see it was a little rough in the beginning. We like to say we were camping, but unfortunately neither Eric or I are huge fans of camping. I don't mean to whine, because even though we ate dinner on a cardboard box and had nowhere to sit, we still had so much fun.We were just soooo happy when our stuff arrived!

Having a filled apartment has made all the difference in the world! Maybe it is because we've been here for a while now but it seems like around the same time we were unpacking all of our boxes, Vienna started to really feel like home. Our routines are set and we've gotten in the groove of living in this awesome city. So here is where we live now:

We live on the 3rd floor so usually we take the "lift" but when I am feeling especially energetic I climb four sets of winding stairs. My thighs are always on fire by the top!

Our neighbors across the way are so kind to keep plants on the window seal, they really cheer up the hallway.

If  you recognize our couch, you will know that 1/3 of it is missing! When they were packing up all of our stuff in Springville, we got a little nervous that it would be too much, so we left it in storage. We were sad when we found our apartment because there was plenty of room for it but now we are glad because the room is complete without it. 

One of the reasons I couldn't wait to have my kitchen stuff is so that we could invite people over for dinner! We've had several families over and even had our first house guests last week. I don't know if it's because I love cooking, or entertaining, or just having fun people to share an evening with but I love having people over!

I also love my olive oil and balsamic containers we bought at IKEA...they are so handy and pour out just the right amount. I've also been converted to using an ipad in the kitchen, although I still love hand written recipe cards.

Our bed set now is a little bit of an upgrade from what it was before. Having a soft bed to sleep on is definitely one of life's best blessings. 
 And this is our new closet situation... as with almost all old architecture in Vienna, our apartment has absolutely no storage. So here it seems people are fine with having things "out". I am used to everything being "put-away" but we actually don't mind our clothes set-up. It forces me especially to stay very organized.

So we still have a few pictures to hang and corners to fill but we it seems like a whole new place to us. 


  1. Oh my! I can't get over the amazing floors! And I can't believe you slept on an air mattress for so long. You guys are my heroes. I love your new home!

  2. I am in LOVE with everything about your place!!

  3. Your place is huge! It looks great with all your stuff there! I was reading this post with Avery and she absolutely LOVED the last pic of Kimmi peeking her head out the door. She thought it was funny and you looks so cute Kimmi!! Miss you guys!

  4. Wow this is the most amazing flat in Vienna I've ever seen! Awesome!!!