Monday, October 29, 2012


The city of Slazburg was so charming! We heard over and over again that we had to go there and now we know why. Driving into the city, the huge castle on the hill just makes you feel like you are driving into a fairy tale land, and that just doesn't happen every day! We walked around the Mirabell Palace and Gardens, strolled into "old town" and did a little shopping.

Don't mind my Cinderella's-wicked-step-sisters-caboose...the camera case gave me a little extra junk in the trunk!
Reddest roses ever! (is reddest even a word?)

 We love Zara.

One afternoon was the perfect amount of time for us to walk around and take in the city. It was quite "fairytale-esque".

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  1. All these pics from your trip are KILLING ME!!!! Looks unbelievably gorgeous! And freak I wish we were there to road trip and shop with you guys! we love zara! Kimmi i am so excited for when we are in the same country again, it's going to be so fun. for now I will just keep living vicariously through your blog! love ya!