Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Artists

Eric and I decided we needed to put some color up on our bare walls. First naked wall to tackle: the space above our headboard in our bedroom. We found some cool ideas on a design blog and went out on a quest for materials that same day. Side Note: When Eric and I get really excited about something, we both just want to do it right away! That's probably why we were only engaged for 8 weeks!

So Eric first used his pro illustrator skills to do a mock up of what we wanted the finished product to look like. Honestly- he ceases to amaze me. 

Next, Eric spray painted our white canvas gray. The paint didn't last as long as we thought it would but it was fine in the end.

Then we (Eric) used masking tape to make the cool geometric looking design we had already come up with.

Finally- we started painting! Colors: cobalt blue (it looks more black in the pictures), metallic gold, and then gray for the lines of course.

Eric was a little "gungho" at first and was laying on the paint pretty thick haha. He got the hang of it though and we got it all smoothed out in the end. I wasn't worried...not even for a second. :)

We let it dry over night and then did a second coat in the morning.

And then, after much anticipation and a homemade donut DI.. ZAS..TER, it was time to to peel off the tape! Waiting for paint to dry is like watching water, waiting for it to boil, while holding the noodles in your hand. It takes FOREVER! Which is why we kept busy by trying to fry up our own donuts. We nearly burnt down the flat and ate about a gallon of vegetable oil in "tester donuts" (gross!) before we swallowed our pride and threw the whole devastating donut project in the garbage. Later on our way to church we came up with appropriate titles for the death of our donuts, such as "The Donut Demise". It's a fun game once you start haha. But seriously, it left us with tummy aches for the rest of the day. 

But back to the beautiful piece of art we created.
We think it turned out quite nice!

It was such an easy project and that is saying something coming from a very non-crafty person! I want to do another one with different designs and colors for our kitchen next. I finally did a DIY! Although since there were two of us, I guess it's now a DIO: Did It Ourselves.


  1. Seriously? You two are amazing.

  2. When I read your blog I think to myself...You guys are the cutest! You guys are perfect for each other!
    Love the way it turned out!