Thursday, November 1, 2012

Castles & Falcons

 We originally planned to drive into Germany to tour the "Disneyland Castle", famous for inspiring Walt Disney (as the story goes). However, it ended up being a little too far of a drive in one day, so we decided to save it for our next trip. We still needed to get our castle fix, and Hohenwerfen Castle was only 20 minutes away from us, so off we stormed. :) 

It was a pretty nippy day at the castle, and someone thought they could tough it out with just a beanie. That someone was not {bundled-up-from-head-to-toe} me.

This lovely lady was our tour guide, unfortunately she only gave the tour in German, but we had little telephone devices to give it to us in English.

Apparently this castle was more of a fortress/prison/residency. It even served as a military training base back in WW2.

The Dungeon of Doom! 
They literally threw prisoners down this hole into complete darkness. One man survived living down there for 7 years, but when he got out he was blind and had gone mad.

View from the clock tower.

Inner workings of the clock. 

These are our new friends (and the only other English speakers on the tour) Wayne and Lynn from Georgia! We love meeting new people on our travels, and they were the nicest couple. After the tour, we swapped travel stories over some delicious hot chocolate and apple strudel!

After warming up, we went out again for the falcon show. The castle used to also be a hunting retreat, and I guess they used to actually use falcons to hunt?! I had no idea, but that just shows the extent of my hunting knowledge. Zilch.

I'm no National Geographic, but if Messy Bun Mcgee would've gotten out of the way, this would've been a killer pic! It's fine though, it still made the blog.

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  1. You guys are just living the dream!! Love it!