Monday, December 17, 2012

A little Christmas Gathering

Over the weekend, we spent a festive evening with some of our great friends here. We threw a little Christmas gathering, complete with yummy treats and of course, a white elephant gift exchange! Our version where you can steal the gift 3 times was new to them, but I think everyone was pleased with the gift they ended up with. It was so much fun and really got me in a Holly Jolly Christmas mood!

We made the most delicious homemade hot chocolate ever! If you want to knock some stockings off make this!

I love planning for parties....what to eat, what games to play, what to wear and so on. I just love getting ready for them from cooking to cleaning. But without fail, as soon as the first person rings the bell I get butterflies in my tummy! I always get a little nervous, and hope everyone has a good time and the night is a success. Usually, despite all the planning and prepping the guests bring the fun anyways, which takes a lot of pressure off the hostess :) 

Lots of treats don't hurt though.

We even had a fireplace going for a real "homey" feel :)

The warming teddy bear was a hot item in the gift exchange. Heidi had it for a minute but....

ended up with the mini canvas and water colors. She was still smiling so I think it was ok!
Helloooo beard! I call him my very own Abe Lincoln. 
Eric ended up with the Awkward Family Photos book! The guys were loving it, it was so funny.

It turned out to be such a fun night, with fun friends, and fun conversations! I'm so glad everyone could come.


  1. I'm so glad you guys have made so many good friends out there. I'm sure it makes the holidays so much easier. I do have to say I especially love White Elephant's just too much fun! Cody's work party did it and it was such a hoot! I hope you guys have a Merry Christmas!!

  2. Hahah I just thought it was pretty funny, that you also have "greyblue" doors and windows in your flat like me. I've never seen that anywhere else, everyone I know has white painted ones! :D