Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Usually when I am out and about, I forget to take my camera. So most of the pictures are from my phone. They aren't the best quality but you will get a feel for how many lights are up around town at least!
This big red bow stopped me dead in my tracks! It was crazy with Christmas shoppers, but how cool is that?!

Here's my handsome fella. This was actually at Thanksgiving dinner, but I couldn't help throw it in the mix. I love that man!

Downtown has so many beautiful lights up! It is hard to take a picture that gives it justice but it is quite amazing. I was so excited to go look at them with Eric! So last week, we went out for a little dinner and then walked around to look at all of the lights. It was cold, but very fun!

I know I look Russian in my hat, but now that it is freezing, style has taken a back seat to warmth! It is literally getting too cold to leave the house. Eric has been sick off and on the past two weeks which has kept us home as well but when we go out we definitely bundle up!

Even the streets around our apartment have lights strung, I love the blue!

On Friday, I had an hour to spare after work so I decided to walk down to the Schönbrunn Christmas Market. We have been to most of the other markets in the city, but hadn't made it to that one yet. At night the markets are crazy, so it is better to go during the day anyways. I loved seeing the big tree against the palace and walking around the little stands. All of the markets have similar items for sale, and everything is quite pricy, but they all have a very special Christmas ambiance that is really fun to be around.

I especially liked my walk to and from the palace. The same path was beautiful with green trees and flowers when we first got here, but I like is just as much with bare branches, and covered in snow.


  1. These lights are unreal. So is your hat...seriously, I like it. To make a Utah girl that cold, it must be a temperature I never wish to experience! :)

    Is it going to feel so empty after Christmas when the lights start coming down?

  2. I just have to say those lights are INCREDIBLE! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

    Love, The Johnsons