Wednesday, January 16, 2013


We really weren't planning on going home for the holidays, mainly because the flights were so expensive! But one day, (on a whim) Eric decided to check and he just happened to find the steal of the century on air fare! It was such a good deal, we took it as a sign from above and booked flights. The minute after they were purchased, we both got so excited! The anticipation and preparation in going was almost as much fun as actually being there. 

To make it even more fun, we decided to not tell my family, and surprise them in person! It may have required a few white lies, but it was all worth it in the end! 

First stop: Viva Las Vegas! Part of the reason we got such a great deal was that we would fly in and out of Las Vegas. We were splitting our time between Arizona and Utah so Vegas was right in the middle.

About to take off!

Tom and Jill met us in Vegas and we stayed two nights to rest up and get over jet lag. It was perfect, and so much fun to have them to ourselves for a few days. We also got to meet up with Erics Uncle Matt and his cute family. Matt has the awesome job of being a pilot. He took us down to the hanger to see the jet he flies. It was so cool, and when he told me he had flown Michael Bublé, I was just a little excited! The next day we rented a car and drove to AZ to meet up with the rest of the family.

Arriving in Arizona was so nice and warm and full of people we love! I've only ever known cold and snowy winter wonderlands for Christmas, but I could definitely get used to a sunny and warm December 25th. On Christmas day, Katy and I even went for a run. I just love warm weather!

We were so happy that our little niece Avery recognized us right away! She is the sweetest little girl and we just love her so much! One night we went to see the lights at the Mesa Temple and they were awesome!

Avery must have been a very good little girl because she got an Elmo. She loved it! Watching children open presents has to be one of the best parts of Christmas, their reactions are so sweet. 

She also enjoyed some Kinder chocolate from her Aunty and Uncle :) Christmas was great for us too. Eric is the best at giving gifts! He always goes way overboard, and I usually feel so lame with my presents for him. In all fairness, I think I am a lot easier to buy for. He is a little picky haha. But with the help of a good friend in Vienna, I was able to surprise him with concert tickets to see the Killers (his favorite band) in Munich, Germany! I was pretty proud of myself, and he really loved it. He spoiled me with new warm boots to take back for the cold Vienna winter and some other things I have "pinned". 

The day after Christmas, Brian and Brenna got engaged! They are getting married in March! Sadly, we won't be able to make it to the wedding, so we were really happy we got to be a part of the proposal. It was so sweet, and they are two very happy love birds!

During the rest of our time in Arizona, the boys golfed, girls shopped (can you say Target overload?! I had missed it so much though), we went to movies, ate feasts after feasts, played games and laughed all the time. Arizona has become one of our favorite places!

Meanwhile, back in Utah, my family was under the impression that we were tucked away in a cabin Up in the Swiss Alps. Haha little did they know....


  1. So fun seeing you guys! CUTE poka dots on your blog page.:)

  2. That's so great you guys were able to make it home for the holidays!!

  3. 1. I am so in love with those flowery pants I want them right now! Europe has the best fashion!!
    2. I am sad that I left Utah...well not really, but if it meant seeing you, then yes I am sad!
    3. Sorry I didn't email you back...we have so much catching up to do!
    4. I sorta started a lifestyle blog for fun (, in addition to my other one... slightly embarrassed be really loving it!!

  4. haha little did they know... So glad we got to spend time with you!! Avery loves loves loves kimmi and eri!!