Friday, January 18, 2013


Our arrival in Utah was met with some of the most surprised faces I've ever seen! It was so much fun to just waltz up and have them look at us like we were ghosts. We first wanted to surprise my little brother Kory who got home from a mission back in October. It had been over 2 years since we had seen him! He picked me up and swung me around as soon as he saw my face.

 It was about 11pm at this time and the commotion woke Mama Pen Pen up. She stomped out of her room a little upset at Kory for making so much noise, until she realized it was us! My dad and Grandma Sumsion definitely had the most priceless faces though. Ah It was so great! We owe a special thanks to our Rea family for being careful not to post us on any social media while in AZ. We were flying under the radar.

After everyone knew we were in town, we spent our days driving up and down the construction-free I-15 in Utah to spend time with family and friends. With family dinners, friend dinners, family pictures, going to see more lights, New Years Eve, Cafe Rio, and of course a little shopping, we had such a great time! I thought going back to the states would seem strange but it just seemed so normal. However, by the end of our trip we were both ready to get back to our normal little life in Vienna.  


  1. ceeeeuuuutttteeee!!!! I'm so happy you finally got to see your bro!

  2. You guys look adorable! I love that pic of you and Eric and the temple in the background looks so beautiful!!!