Sunday, June 30, 2013


Since we had quite a few hours to make it home to Vienna, we rented a little cabin on the border of Italy and Austria to stay the night and split up the drive.

 We thought we would arrive around 8:30pm but it ended up being closer to 11 by the time we winded our way up to the little neighborhood of cabins. The owner was a sweet Italian lady that was so nice to meet us so late. She even had some snacks waiting for us. We always meet the nicest people on our travels, it is one of my favorite parts! 

We woke up to sunshine and mountains. One of the prettiest places I have ever seen...but I feel like I say that about everywhere we go.

It was the perfect last stop on our road trip. 


  1. Breathe taking!! So pretty. Xo.

  2. Okay this is AMAZING. So gorgeous. Also, I nominated you for this blog thing! So look at my most recent post! :) See you soon!!!