Monday, June 24, 2013


After getting home from the cruise, we spent one more day in Vienna with Tom and Jill. We showed them a few more sites and visited the natural history museum, which was awesome. The next day we were on our way again to Valencia, Spain.

Eric served his mission in Madrid, so getting to Spain was a must while we were over here. As luck would have it, Eric decided to play on the IAEA basketball team and attend the Inter-Agency Games (kind of like the UN Olympics) that were being held in Spain this year! 

We flew in a few days before the games started so we could do some exploring. We stayed in an all-inclusive resort, close to the beach. Apparently the city is bustling during the summer months, but we were a little early so it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves. We had beautiful weather the first couple of days while we explored a castle, took a boat ride through a mountain cave, and went on a scenic drive. Eric loved being back in Spain! He loved speaking the language, eating the food, and finding his old favorite treats and drinks at the grocery store. I am so glad we went! 

^^Eric and his two favorite gals^^

^This drive was gorgeous...vineyards, little towns, breathtaking views etc. It was a little more "exciting" when Tom took the wheel. He had a hard time viewing the sights and driving at the same time haha...^^

At the games, the Vienna Basketball team is known for being the ones to beat. Our team was awesome, and Eric was one of the best players! Switzerland surprised us all and brought some tough "old-timers" (ie. Dr. Dunkenstein) with a lot of experience. Both teams played hard and in the end we took the silver medal! 

I LOVE watching Eric play basketball! While we were dating, I used to go to all of his BYU Intramural games. He's a natural on the court. I was never a cheerleader but I am proud to be one for him! 

^^Vienna vs. Switzerland^^

After the games ended we decided to spend our last night in the city. We went to the famous Valencia Aquarium, it was a little wet and cold but we still loved it. The dolphin show was incredible, and Jill especially loved the bird show where she got to take a picture holding an owl! 

While doing a little shopping, Jill and I sniffed out some of the most delicious popcorn ever (if you are a woman in the Rea fam, it is almost mandatory that you love popcorn haha). It was such a fun treat. We ended the night with some tapas and flew out the next morning. We made it to the Zurich airport where we had an unexpected delay, but eventually made it home to Vienna around 10pm. Since it was my birthday (yahoo I turned 25!) and we were all starving we went to a little pizza place down our street. The waiter was so nice, and brought me a whole plate full of delicious desserts, with a candle for me to blow out.... for free!  I am pretty sure that good service and free desserts don't happen that often in Vienna, so it really made my birthday!

Spending two weeks with Tom and Jill flew by and we loved having them all to ourselves. We are so glad they made it out and that we could do so many fun things with them! 

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  1. OK a few things I loved:
    1. If you're a Rea girl you must like popcorn! SOO TRUE Avery is starting too
    2. Eric and his 2 fav gals! Such a momma's boy! haha You're #1 Kimmi
    3.There seem to be some old geezers on those basketball teams!!!
    4.Tom taking the mean you almost dies several times!!!

    Love you guys!