Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Going to the Dolomites was a last minute (fantastic) decision. While Eric was mapping out our trip, he stumbled upon the most amazing pictures of these mountain ranges and we knew we had to go. 

The drive in and of itself made the decision worth it! Every other minute we were passing a castle or waterfall, or gorgeous vineyards. It is hard to even describe, but needless to say it was majestic and beautiful. We followed a tiny tiny little road up to the top of a hillside to our cabin.... another great place to stay and enjoy a dinner of fresh pesto sandwiches and Italian pastries.

We couldn't decide whether to wake up and continue on our way or to stay and do some hikes and really enjoy the great out doors. We decided to sleep on it in hopes that in the morning we would know what to do. The rain we woke up to meant we were back on the road and heading to Cinque Terre!

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  1. That little village looks like a scene out of a movie!