Thursday, July 18, 2013


After picking up supplies for a picnic at the Galway farmers market, we made our way down the coast to the tiny town of Doolin. By a bit of luck we found another B&B that had enough space for all of us since there was a festival going on. We dropped off our things and went straight to the...Cliffs of Moher!

It was crazy windy, so we had our (amazingly delicious) cheese, bread and fruit picnic in the car and then bundled up to go see the cliffs. They were so amazing, we stayed for the entire afternoon walking along the trails and taking pictures. We even went back the next morning and hiked up to another viewpoint to see them from a different angle, and luckily the wind had died down which was nice.

There were only 3 pubs to choose from for dinner, but we went to the best one for sure. It was as if the whole town was in there singing and having a beer for the weekend. We had seats right next to the action and stayed into the "wee hours" and by wee I mean midnight haha. The musicians were so good! We loved the harmonica and the guy that played the spoons. He played them on Shanna's head at one point.

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