Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bike ride through Vienna

Since we still don't have any of our belongings, and if we eat dinner at home it's literally on a cardboard box, we usually go out at night. We live very close to the heart of the city so there is always a lot going on! After two very unhealthy waffles smothered in nutella, caramel, ice cream and whip cream for dinner we decided to take a stroll through town on bikes! 

 The city of Vienna makes transportation a dream. Living here without a car will be absolutely no problem, except when making trips to Ikea, but that's a different story. You can get most places in a 10 minute train ride or a 20 minute walk. They even have a city bike system where you can rent a bike and take it for as long as you'd like. The first hour is free and then just 1 euro after that. They have locations all over the city so it's a great way to get around.

It was a perfect night and so fun to see the city by bike! On our way back we saw a group gathered out front of the Imperial Hotel. Naturally we stopped to see what was going on. Apparently Madona was in town and was expected to make an exit from the hotel at any minute. Celebrity sighting in Europe? Don't mind if we do. So we waited like fools with the rest of them. For 10 minutes....

and then for 20 minutes.....

And after about 30 minutes the first Range Rover took off, Madonna must have slipped out the back, the body guards hopped in the second one and they all drove off leaving a huge group of pathetic, hopeful, have nothing better to do than wait for another human being to walk out of a hotel, stalkers in the dust! It was pretty hilarious over all. Biking in Vienna is the best.


  1. The bikes look so fun! You guys are adorable!! Love you!

  2. Cute skirt! And those bikes are sweet!! How fun.