Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Vienna Film Festival 2012

When describing where we live, we always say "right by Rathaus". It is the Town Hall and a beautiful castle looking building. We live about 3 blocks away and walk by it every day. The best part is, the Vienna Film Festival takes place at Rathaus during the entire summer and we love it!

Every night they project a classical or pop music concert onto a huge screen in front of the majestic town hall.  It is free and packed every night in the courtyard and the surrounding park.

It is so cool! There have been some awesome concerts and everyone just sits for hours into the night watching, listening, and eating!What kind of festival would it be without food? There are about 20 different food stalls open all day with an international selection of cuisine. We have tried a lot already. Some more than once...heaven help us!





and Waffles!

So don't worry family, we aren't starving...musically or physically! 

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