Thursday, March 14, 2013


Lately it seems like time is just zooming by! Weeks are getting crossed off the calendar one after another. I think that happens when you have a bunch of fun things to look forward to and one by one they come and go. 

For example, last week it was finally time for Eric to cash in on his Christmas present from me- a trip to see The Killers in Munich! The Killers are one of his favorite bands and I have grown to love them too. Tracy and Tibs in our ward are huge fans as well, so we all went together. It was a quick 2 day trip. We picked up the rental car Tuesday morning, and headed off to Germany. We had a few hours once we got there before the concert, so we did  little sight seeing.....

*The English Garden*
People practice "River Surfing" all year round. It was fun to stop and watch those crazy guys surf in what I can only imagine is freezing water. I guess their wet suits help....but still! 

Our walk to the city center....

It was definitely not quite spring weather yet, but cafe's had set out their patio furniture already. Each chair had it's own blanket to cuddle up with.

We knew the concert was going to be packed, so we got there early! Two hours early to be exact. Eric found out the venue was very large but flat, so if you weren't in the front you probably wouldn't see much of anything. We marked out our spots and guarded them with anticipation.

 Finally, our man Brandon Flowers came out! We love him, he is such an amazing performer! Plus he's Mormon, so we kind of feel a connection to him. haha


At the end of the concert Brandon walked down to give the fans some love. Eric and Tibor totally got to shake his hand. Highlight of the trip!!

*little sweaty, it was so hot in there!*

The next day we drove to Neushwanstein Castle. We have heard from a lot of people it is definitely worth seeing and have wanted to go but didn't know when we would find the time. Luckily we were only a short drive from it and got to go. It supposedly inspired Walt Disney for the Disney Castle, which is why I mostly wanted to see it. :)

 It was really beautiful inside, a little gaudy for my taste but cool none the less. After the castle we hit the road home. Eric drove the entire way again- love that man!


  1. I love Brandon Flowers too! Soooo good live! You are the best wife!! Those river surfers looked crazy!! I'm surprised Eric and you didn't join them!

  2. Every part of your life looks like a story in a book! You get to see the most amazing places and experience some wonderful things. We sure are a bit jealous of you two :)