Saturday, March 9, 2013


It only took me 24 years before I saw Star Wars! Shocking, I know. Somehow it just never happened. So a few weeks ago we decided we would watch the entire series. I love movie marathons! Eric researched the  best order to view them and we dove right onto the couch and into the movies.

This past weekend I came down with a nasty cold so it was a great time to finish our marathon. I shamelessly admit to loving them! They are so good! I mean, some are better than others but the whole time I was watching them I thought about how I want to have my future little Jedi's watch these movies about how good will always overcome evil. There are so many parallels in these movies to the gospel, which made me love them even more!

The movies are full of everything you could, betrayal, action, good vs. evil, redemption, and even surprising twists. *Warning *Spoiler* Did you know Luke and Leah are TWINS! WHAT?!?! When I found out, my mind was blown! I was so surprised!

I really loved little Yoda. He is the ultimate Yogi. 

I have always loved old movies, so I really enjoyed the first trilogy made. Plus... HELLO Hans Solo! Harry was quite handsome in his early days. He lucked out working with George Lucas who wrote Star Wars and Indiana Jones!

If you haven' them. I promise, it is not that nerdy. And as always, may the force be with you!
...ok that might have been a little nerdy :)

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