Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Love Surprises!

 Surprises are the absolute best. I love to give surprises and naturally I love to get surprises.  When we first started dating we talked about what each of our Love Languages are. If you haven't read the book you definitely should, it's amazing and can be such a great tool to strengthen any relationship. According to the book, there are five different "languages" by which people give love and like to receive love. Eric is definitely words of affirmation. He thinks I am gifts and acts of service....and quality time, physical touch and words of affirmation. Ok- sooo I am a lot to handle. :)

There is something about when someone just randomly stops by, drops something off, or gives you a thoughtful gift (when it's not your birthday or a holiday where presents are in order) that is so exciting and meaningful. It's all about the thought...that they were thinking about you when they weren't with you!  So yesterday on the way home from school and work when Eric said he had a surprise for me I got all giddy inside....
 Isn't that wrapping just the cutest? I mean, the man got it wrapped!

 Me. Giddy.

A Cougar (crewneck) Sweatshirt!

I have been searching for a cute and girly crewneck sweater for a while now. I was so bummed because I couldn't find anything I liked. Seeing as we are both walking in two days as official graduates, I wanted to have one to wear as an Alumni! He did such a good job picking it out. I am the Luckiest girl to be married to such a thoughtful hubs who speaks my love languages. All 5 of them.


  1. You guys are adorable!! You know how much I'm into the Love Languages! I think we had many talks about this on your couch in AR. P and I recently took the test online and I am basically all of them too! :) miss you girl!