Sunday, May 20, 2012

Since Graduating...

Oh where to begin? Well since graduating Eric and I have been free birds, neither of us are working right now as we are in a "transitional period" until the next big chapter of our lives so... we have been living it up by doing things like running our first Half Marathon!!! 

 It was so fun training together. The first 12 miles were exhilarating due to adrenalin and endorphins and orange slices but the last mile was a little painful to say the least! Luckily Eric acted as my personal running coach and got me across that finish line. We love running now and want to do another one soon.

My entrepreneur husband has been working 'round the clock on his Kickstarter project for these beautiful ipad cases he and his buddy Levi designed! They have been featured on tons of different blogs, websites and newspapers and are really close to hitting their funding goal of $20,000 with a few days left. I'm so proud of him and all of his hard work!

We've gone on some really fun family bike rides (my dad is a pro so we are a biking family) but on the last ride we went up American Fork Canyon and I thought I was going to die!  It was straight up hill for miles and then as soon as I thought there was relief because we were heading back down I couldn't unclench my hands from the brakes! Going up seemed much safer than zooming down a a baby.

The bike ride was followed by a beautiful make-over from my Visha baby sister. She's as adorable as they come.

We also celebrated our One Year Anniversary yesterday! The first year went by in a blink. Literally flew by. It's scary to think how fast it went but we loved every minute of it. We're the luckiest to have found each other. Please believe we dressed up in our wedding outfits and took some pictures...




What better way to celebrate than to go to the BYU vs. Arkansas national rugby championship game? Of course BYU won! It was such a good game, Arkansas brought some good competition but we are the best. Eric actually understands the game more than I do now.

 haha I love him so much.

Since playing rugby in college Kyle hasn't lost a single game and both years he's played they've won Nationals.... Just sayin. My brother rocks, we're so proud of him!

No School. No Work. Life is Good!


  1. Sheesh!! You guys are LIVING IT UP! How fun. :) I'm glad to hear you are both happy and doing well.

  2. Guess that means time for a baby.

  3. OK Kimmi so funny that you guys got in your wedding attire! I have always wanted to since the wedding but haven't... Maybe for our 3rd?! Cute BLOG btw!

  4. oh man I just LOVE those bridal pics!!! You are so funny bunny. What a cute looking couple you two make!!! And I love that whole cake cutting baby announcing thing. I might have to copy that idea...

  5. I love the pics of you guys in your wedding getup. SOOOO CUTE YOU TWO!!!!!

  6. Im so proud of you for running that marathon!! Look at you go! are looking hot hot hot!!! Gosh i miss you! You better believe i am coming abroad to visit you! :)