Monday, June 11, 2012

AZ & Ballerina Babies

We just spent the most fantastic week in Arizona with our adorable niece-Avery, sister- Becky, and dad and mom-Tom and Jill!  We absolutely love going down there! We love all the pool time, golf, shopping, Mad Men, yummy food, Tom losing his wallet, Eric wrist wrestling dad, and little lovey babe wearing grandmas glasses and then pretending to be blind. Whew! It's a long drive but we found if we leave early in the morning it makes the 10 hr. drive go much faster. 

Little Avery in her new boots and glasses. 

 Before we took off, we went to our little baby sisters ballerina recital. Kikki and Visha looked so adorable and ran all over the stage like little princesses.  The recital went a little looooong but Eric we powered through till the end. Barely.

Princess Visha

She loves her Eric

So proud of these little dancers.

We love them so much!


  1. Oh I love those little ballerina crowns! HA and nice glasses Eric. Glad you had fun in AZ!