Saturday, July 21, 2012

So there we were....

Living in a hotel in Vienna. Hotels are just not a place you want to stay long term. And by long term I mean longer than a week. The free breakfast was great but living out of a suitcase, not having a kitchen, and paying 130 euros a night was not. We were dedicated to finding an apartment as soon as possible, and saw quite a few. We wanted something nice and in a great location near the city center. On the last day of looking we found the perfect one! So naturally we wanted to move in that night.  Unfortunately, everyone in Vienna goes on holiday during the month of July so the renters and law office to draw up the contract were out of town. We basically just begged their daughter to let us move in with our four measly suitcases until they got back. And so during Eric's lunch break, there we were moving ourselves and luggage across the city to our new home.

I thought we managed dragging our stuff through trains, streets, and pedestrians like champs.  Eric only ran over one ladys shoe, and I only let one case roll into a car so we thought it was pretty successful. haha

Knowing ALL of our belongings, including our bed would not be arriving for a few weeks after us, we brilliantly thought to pack an air mattress in our suitcase for when we were in an apartment. This was an air mattress that was in our condo back home, in perfect condition for months. Imagine our shock when we woke up on a deflated mattress, at 4am, laying on a (very) hard wood floor. Oh what one tiny little hole will do to a bed filled with air.  So the next day I was on a hunt for a hole and a patch kit.  Found both, patched it up and qeue 2nd shock/despair when we woke up in the same condition at 4am again. We promptly bought a new air mattress the next day! 

 On to more exciting topics-food! They have these wurstle gourmet sausage stands all over the city.  They are actually really clean and very popular. Eric who has a stomach of steel had this bad boy for dinner one night. Basically a sausage stuffed in a baguette. Man food.

I opted for Frozen Yogurt. Big surprise I know, but it is so good here I couldn't help myself!

During one of my days exploring the area around our apartment I found myself in a beautiful garden. Volksgarden. Just a quick jaunt down from our street and incredibly beautiful, filled with roses of every kind.

Everyone just sits and relaxes in the shade, so I decided to join them for a while. I just finished reading this book and I HIGHLY recommend it.  It was whimsical and magical and I just never wanted it to end. Thank you Rochelleeeee!  We can't wait for the rest of our belongings to arrive but in the mean time we are camping out on our air mattress, eating cookies for breakfast, and loving every minute of it. Oh, we also found a running route this morning and bought jeans a little too tight as incentive not to gain weight. A wise investment I assure you.


  1. love this! you just keep getting prettier..seriously. I can't wait to come visit!

  2. Ahh you are gorgeous!! Im excited to see pictures of your apartment! Goodness I miss you, let's Skype soon?

  3. I am just loving reading everything and seeing all the pics! You look gorgeous as always!