Thursday, August 16, 2012

Prater Park

I love living in the city! I love all of the shops, restaurants, sights, people, and being able to walk anywhere I need. I do not, however, love going running in the city. There are too many stoplights, people blowing smoke in my face, and tourists that constantly congest the sidewalks. Luckily a short bike or tram ride away is Prater Park. It is a beautiful huge park with a 3 mile main avenue down the middle for runners, roller-bladers, bikers, and nordic walkers (they love that here). There are also over a dozen "playgrounds" throughout the park that are quite different from those back home. 

Exhibit A: Look at this slide... Does it even look safe to let little munchkins go down?

It was super fast...and obviously a little terrifying.

Exhibit B- This awesome rope swing! 

Eric would make me so nervous..especially this time when he almost fell back into the tires!

 We made some new friends at the rope swing. 
One of my favorite things about living here is meeting all sorts of new people! It is so awesome to talk to and learn a little bit about people from all over the world.
There was a family from Turkey, Austria, and us representing Canada and America all present.

 *my favorite pic*

This dad had a great take-off but unfortunately didn't make it to the other side...good effort though.

Whenever Eric went, the kids and even adults would clap and cheer because he would go so high. It was so nice!

Just a bunch of Catholics, Muslims and Mormons enjoying an evening at the park. It was a great night.

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