Sunday, August 26, 2012

Schonbrunn Zoo

Yesterday we had planned to go to the Danube beach. My fair skinned husband got a great base tan (faded sunburn) in Italy so we were hoping to catch some more rays and add to it. However, the overcast skies led us to PLAN B-the Zoo! I went a few weeks ago with a friend and her kiddos and I have wanted to go back with Eric because it was so awesome and I knew he would love it.

The Schonbrunn Zoo is apparently the worlds oldest zoo. It has been around since 1752! It is now one of the most modern and popular zoos. It is located in the park of Schonbrunn Palace and is surrounded by the most beautifully manicured grounds. Just walking into the zoo was picturesque. 

We were so lucky and got to see a bunch of the animal feedings-which are pretty much free circus shows!  We saw seals, elephants, and these cute little red pandas eating their lunch.

Lazy Lions

Hungry Hungry Hippos

Anteaters- baby one is on top of the mama

Wild Chicken

 Mature Adult riding a honey bee...?

Poppers Penguins

Madagascar Lemur

Shere Kahn

We had so much fun walking around the zoo together. One day it will be great taking our little mini E's and K's, but for now I treasure my time alone with Eric. He's the best.

Afterwards we got a little gelato and walked through the gardens down to the palace. Pictures do not do it justice. It was so gorgeous and made me yearn for Downton Abbey season 3! 

To end the day we went out for the best Thai food in the world! I wish I had a picture but we gobbled it up so fast we were sweating-literally. Ok it was spicy but is was delicious and I can't wait to go back. It was a great Saturday in Vienna.

In other news: I go to babysit this little nugget this week- 

And go to the pool with this stud muffin-

And we heard our stuff is in Germany so it is getting closer! No more eating dinners on the floor-

Sad..but true.