Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pizza Pizza

When packing our suitcases to move clear across the globe, it didn't occur to me to throw in some pots and pans and spices! I knew we were going to be living with only what we packed for at least 6 weeks but I didn't really think what that would mean in the kitchen! So after a small trip to Ikea, my culinary weapons were limited to a cutting board, set of knives, a small cookie sheet (my regular cookie sheets that are coming won't fit in our oven) and the items below:

At first I thought we would never survive! But then...I took a deep breath, got on Pinterest and some food blogs and realized I had more than enough to adequately whip us up some dinners. So in the past few weeks we've had lots of salads, roasted cauliflower and yellow onions (our favorite!!) amongst other roasted veggies, Bobs nacho's and PIZZA. What a perfect opportunity to try my hand at a little Italian cuisine!

Luckily the grocery stores have pre-made "pizzateig" and just one roll makes us two pizza dinners! The  pizza combination possibilities are endless...

 Our favorite pizza so far was definitely the Caramelized Onion and Prosciutto Pizza. I got the recipe from The Pioneer Woman and I love how she posts step by step pictures of the process. It makes it so much easier to make sure I'm not doing anything majorly wrong. 

The GOOD NEWS of the week is that our stuff is arriving Friday Morning!! I was so excited when Eric called to tell me, I went right out and bought ourselves a little Housewarming/ We will be sleeping on a REAL bed/ I will have a fully equipped Kitchen in two days-gift!

Home Sweet Vienna Home.


  1. YAYY!!! I'm so excited for you! and OF COURSE you manage to make amazing meals without proper supplies, I am not even surprised.

  2. Okay those pizzas look AMAZING!!!!