Thursday, September 13, 2012

Boxes and Boxes

Last Friday was the GLORIOUS day that our shipment of "life" arrived! I went to bed Thursday night hoping it wasn't too good to be true, that the movers would buzz our flat at 8:30am, and that a large moving truck would be spotted out the window on the street below. I didn't want to get too excited in case it was delayed for some reason. Still I couldn't help but hop out of bed early like a young babe on Christmas morning to do a little prepping just in case....and Santa delivered! It was so fun ripping open boxes and being surprised by all the things that made it from Springville, Utah to Vienna, Austria.

Our house is filled with boxes- this is just a glimpse of what is going on around here, but I'm not complaining. Eric only worked a half day on Friday so we could start unloading the shipment together. After he got done we went to Ikea and purchased some grown-up furniture. It was a little hard to spend the euros, but at Ikea you do get a great bang for your buck and as adults it's time we invest in some serious things... like nightstands. Ikea was great and delivered our order the very next day. Along with the furniture came more boxes, approximately 1,229 steps of furniture assembly (without any written instructions I might add), and Eric in rare Tim-The-Tool-Man-Taylor form. watch out. haha I love him.

This was the one and only casualty out of all our stuff taking a cruise across the Atlantic Ocean. I even managed to salvage some of it, not too shabby.
How do you like that scary long dragon fingernail? Thank heavens my nail kit arrived!

Monday night I was so excited to cook a dinner in my now fully equipped kitchen! This fettucini alfredo sauce will knock your socks off! Thanks to my 10th grade health teacher who told me pasta is a sin, I usually opt for a different carb. But when I do eat noodles, I want creamy sinful drinkable alfredo sauce on top. This recipe tastes exactly like Olive Garden's but BETTER. I kid you not... we are on night 3 of eating it. 

A few pics sent from back home: My little brother Kyle adopted a puppy with his girlfriend. His name is Tank. Unfortunately, Tanks parents split so Kyle is raising him as a single dad. Tank got kicked out of Kyle's college apartment (shocker) but luckily the loving grandparents (aka Dad and Rochelle) are taking him in temporarily. I love my very responsible little brother! haha

My little Visha baby sister called to tell me she drew a picture of me and her and a castle. I asked her to have mom and dad take a picture and send it to me. She put down the phone and ran out to the mailbox where she had already placed it to send to me! Melt. My. Heart.

Eric asked where he was in the picture...I told him he's definitely IN the castle already.

We are just loving our apartment. It feels like HOME finally. This chair is my favorite newest addition to our place. I'll post pictures of our house as soon as the boxes are outta here!

p.s. Eric and I are sleeping like angels on our real bed. Sayonara air mattress! 


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new chair! I'm so glad you finally have all your stuff! Whew!

  2. WooHoo!!! So happy you have all your stuff. I'm in love with that chair and pillow. Can't wait to see pics of everything in place.

  3. Yay! Glad all your stuff got there! I had never been happier to see so many spatulas as I was when we unloaded our stuff from a year of storage! You feel silly, but it's YOUR stuff that makes a house YOUR home! I'm sure your little Austrian home is going to be so cute.

    Annnd now I'm craving pasta.

  4. ok hold up. you live in austria!?? I envy you! lucky lucky gal!

  5. YAY for boxes!!! Visha is so stinkin cute!!!

  6. How exciting that the boxes came!!! And Visha is simply adorable -- she actually looks like she could be your sister. She is beautiful, just like YOU!