Thursday, October 25, 2012

Almost Went to the Symphony

About a month ago while searching through all the musical events going on in Vienna, I found tickets to a concert called "Hollywood in Vienna". It was to be an evening of popular hollywood movie music performed by a symphony, and it sounded right up our alley! I love all things music, especially live music. Eric loves music too, but sometimes the very classical stuff makes him a little antsy. Honestly, depending on the music it can make me antsy too. However, a symphony playing popular music we would recognize was a killer I purchased our first concert tickets in Vienna.

I marked our calendar and KNEW we were going to they symphony Friday, October 19th. It was set in stone. In the meantime we planned a week long road trip starting on Oct. 20th. Perfect! We could go out Friday and then take off the next day. Well...the night of the 19th came. I had just finished touching up my makeup and making Eric a snack as he walked through the door. He threw on a tie and we were heading out the door when I read over the tickets one last time. 

Date: 21-10-12. Time: 19:30

We were 2 days too early for the concert! I dont know how and I don't know when I became so convinced it was on the 19th, but I did and I was dead wrong. It was terribly embarrassing for this little wifey. 

But my sweet honey didn't even flinch, he threw the tickets up on Willhaben (Vienna's Craigslist) and took me out on the town! We couldn't waste a night when we were all dressed up, so we headed downtown and walked around until we found an awesome place to get hot chocolate and sweets!

It turned out to be a great evening, despite my minor-little-expensive-concert-date mistake. The desserts were delicious, but they weren't that filling so we stopped at a pizza stand and grabbed a little grub on the way home. :)
ps- we sold the tickets and took off on our road trip adventure 50 bucks richer...sort of.


  1. Every time I read your blog I feel boring, why is that? Kimmi, we were just planning a small Halloween party for the office and reminiscing on best costumes of all time. You win for your incredibly inspired costume from last year--me!

    I wish others could be so inspired!

    We miss you guys!!!

  2. You both look fabulous!!! I want to go to that cute little dessert place...and please tell us about your week long trip!!! I love your adventures and you look gorgeous doing them! xoxo

  3. That makes me laugh, the owner of the Cafe is the family I work for.