Saturday, October 27, 2012

Road Trippin'

Eric and I LOVE road trips! In the short year and a half we've been married, we've taken quite a few, and we've gotten really good at them. We know our roles quite well: 

E = driver, pilot, navigator etc. 
K = passenger, treat packer, dj, and singer/entertainer (notice "napper" is not included...thank you very much! :)

 We love listening to tunes and having long conversations about whatever comes up. So when we were planning our latest vacation, we decided that a road trip through our own "backyard" was perfect. There are so many places we want to go and see while we are here, but Austria has to be one of the most beautiful countries and we had to see more of it!  

The best part about traveling by car is the FREEDOM! Being able to go wherever you want, whenever you want is exactly how we like to travel. Not to mention, being able to throw all of your luggage in a car instead of hauling it through buses and trains and streets is a dream. After a few months of public transportation it was nice to have our own wheels again. We are also extremely grateful for the last minute generous offering of a gps from our good friends, the Morgans! I don't know how people got anywhere without them back in the day.

 Eric found us the best deal on a place to stay in a little ski town called St. Johann im Pongau, about 4 hours away from Vienna. We stayed in a nice lodge type hotel and made it our home base, from there we took off on mini day trips. We were only 30 minutes from crossing the border over into Germany!

DAY #1- we took the most beautiful scenic drive on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. It led us into the high alpine regions to an altitude of over 2,500 meters above sea level. The view was beautiful and the scenery would change around every windy bend. One minute we'd be driving through blazing bright fall colored trees, and the next we would be in the snow capped mountains.

I loved our little rental car, it was so cute and turned on a dime! It was small but super comfortable and zippy. Thankfully hubs knew how to drive a stick shift, otherwise we would have been SOL.

mid-day moon shot.

The drive was absolutely gorgeous. What made it even more gorgeous, is that the toll for the drive was supposed to be 32 euros, but the man at the toll booth was a little flustered because we didn't speak German and just let us in for free! Thank you lucky stars!


  1. Oh my goodness it is so beautiful! I'm glad you guys got to get away for a week!

  2. Gorgeous! And i love your boots, so cute!