Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Busy Weekend!

Last weekend was jam packed! 

1. On Friday I started my job! I am going to be teaching English to kindergarten and elementary students. It is just part time, which is perfect because it's a bit of a commute to the school. I am also going to be doing some admin work for my boss Precious as well so it will keep me busy. The younger kids spoke absolutely NO English but we still managed to understand one another. Hooray for work!

2. We got to babysit the sweetest and smartest 2 year old in Vienna Friday night-Ezzie. He is so polite and we loved having him over. He was a great baking buddy as well :) 

3. It was conference weekend! Growing up in Utah, conference was always 10-12 and 2-4 Saturday and Sunday. I remember Saturdays doing yard work while a radio (hooked up to 2 or 3 extension cords) blasted conference in the background for all the neighbors to hear. Sundays, we would always stay in our pajamas and eat all day while listening to conference. It was a little different here with the time change! We watched the Saturday morning session from 6-8pm Saturday night.We invited some friends over from the ward for soup and to watch it with us.

4. Long Night of Museums! After soup and a session of conference, we went out to join the other "culturally interested night owls" for museum night. There are an insane number of Museums throughout Vienna. Honestly! They have a museum for EVERYTHING. There is a Museum of Chimney Sweepers, Snow Globes, Contraception, Schokolade, and Endoscopy just to name a few. And once a year, you can buy a ticket and get into any museum during the hours of 6pm-1am.  

Tracy & Tibor

Heidi & Marco

E+K :)

We picked up our tickets at MuseumsQuartier, which is just down the street from us. There was a live band and tons of people. I don't know how it happens but almost every time we go out Eric runs into a friend from work. Small world.

Our first stop was the Museum of Torture! The line to get in was quite long (it was like Disneyland all over the city....people lined up around a block to get into a m.u.s.e.u.m)

After the torture museum, we headed to another one but it had already closed, so we ended the night at the museum of modern art. It was really interesting but I was so tired at that point I forgot to take pictures. Sunday we watched some more conference and then had a Canadian Thanksgiving at some friends house. There was so much delicious food, and it was great to spend the evening with fun people! It was a great spiritual/cultural/relaxing/busy first October weekend.

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  1. Umm okay..you guys have the coolest adventures. Your friends looks so cute too! I am so excited about your job! I know you will be great at it! That little boy is too cute!!