Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Hallstatt is Austria's oldest and most picturesque village! The hour drive from our hotel into Hallstatt was (as Eric put it) like driving through a real life "It's A Small World" ride at Disneyland. Every tiny town we passed was surrounded by rolling hills, green grass, cows, sheep, and the cutest little cottages. But Hallstatt really takes the cake for location location location. :)

This famous Alpine village lies at the base of two massive mountain ranges..... AND it's on a lake. It really is something you would see on a postcard or I guess now a days, Pinterest.

Did I mention the lake had swans and ducks?

It was just so charming. I just kept imagining what life would be like for those who actually live there. 

We seriously lucked out and caught the last week of Fall during our road trip. The trees were all so gorgeous with bright colored leaves, but towards the end of the week I could tell Fall was definitely on its way out and Winter was rolling in. 

One of my favorite things about all the little towns and villages we saw, is that all of them had a tall church steeple in the middle of town. It made me think of the splendid movie, Chocolat, with Johnny Depp! 

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  1. I am honestly, CONSTANTLY floored by:
    A. Your pictures
    B. How gorgeous Vienna (surrounding areas) are.

    The Johnson