Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Birthday and Beethoven

On Monday Eric turned 27! He doesn't really love birthdays as much as I do, but it's ok because I told him I just love them enough for both of us! After he got home from work, we went to a really fun Austrian pub restaurant right in our district. I was tempted to throw a surprise party but he insisted he just wanted to spend it the two of us, can't complain about that. Dinner was delicious, and the restaurant had a really cool vintage-y ambiance. 

After dinner we walked home for some cake and ice-cream. I have to say i'm pretty proud of myself for making the yellow cake and chocolate frosting from scratch! I just wish I never found out how much butter goes into making the classic birthday dessert! Didn't stop me from adding a little extra frosting to my piece of cake though haha, so obviously I'm not too scarred. While we ate our cake and ice-cream Eric watched little "birthday gram videos" our families sent in. 

Yesterday, Eric and I were invited by our great friends, Keith and Natalie to the symphony at the Wiener Konzerthaus (Vienna concert house). It was probably the best concert I have ever been to! No joke. I was seriously floored, and just a little giddy inside. They started off with a bang: Beethovens 5th! The venue was so beautiful, with gold paint, huge hanging chandeliers, and paintings on the ceiling. The symphony, and the soloists were all phenomenal! I want to go back every month, maybe every week. I just can't believe it took us so long to get there.

I snuck a little video...


  1. Breck is the exact same way about Birthday's! Good thing my excitement can totally compensate for that!

  2. Happy Birthday to my ....cousin in law? :) Looks like you had a great birthday! Sweet and simple, a perfect way to spend your day!

  3. I am so jealous, in a good way, of the concert. I have been listening to my pandora station just like that every day since Sunday. That is so much fun. Happy Birthday to Eric, I know with you as a wife he was well taken care of.