Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas Market @ Rathaus

The Christmas markets have officially begun! Everyone has told us how magical Vienna is at Christmastime and they were so right! Lights are strung throughout the city, and Christmas stands are all over. 
The first one to open was at Rathaus by our house, and we were so lucky to see it with one of our favorite people!
The *Great Andre Brummer* was in town for business and we were so excited to see him! He was our first official visitor to see from back home and we loved it. Andre is the salt of the earth. I always feel smarter after visiting with him, he knows something about everything.
Rathaus is lined with little booths selling goods of all Christmas kinds, food, drinks and more!

Inside the town hall they had little shops set up for children to bake cookies, make gingerbread houses and make christmas ornaments.
So cute! 

We tried so many yummy things with Andre, and they were all so good! We went back a few days later to get another Langos, it's like a huge flat deep fried scone, smothered in butter and garlic! Ahhh they are so delicious I could eat one everyday!!
Even though we already carb loaded Eric had to get his favorite mini donuts. Sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, those little mini bites are incredibly scrumptious! Eric LOVES them, he is like a little kid again eating them, it's so funny, I love it.

I can't wait to go check out some of the other markets and taste more of the delicious treats! It is the best way to get in the Christmas Mood!


  1. Wow! I agree, it looks so magical. Very fitting for the Christmas season.

    The Johnsons

  2. DR DRE!!!! I'm so so jealous he got to come visit you! Jean and I are still planning a trip out there... which will be finalized when we find out which summer internships he gets! HAha. So get ready.

    1. Haha we are READY!! You guys better get your pie making, tree decorating, studious buns over here!!!! Love you!

  3. Awesome! We had wanted to go with Jay's parents this weekend but those plans changed a little! Maybe next weekend?! Are you guys up for going again? We should go together!
    Miss you guys!

    1. Yes Absolutely! We'd love it, there are so many to see!!