Thursday, November 8, 2012


I am not exactly sure how I got it in my head that going on vacation = absolutely no need for makeup! Or getting ready at all for that matter. Everyone I have ever traveled with always makes it a point to look fabulous when they are out of town, but somehow I never got the clue.

 Most days I do my best to "polish the rose" as my grandpa Cowboy would say and spruce up a bit, but for some reason when I go on any sort of trip, I lose ALL ambition to get ready. If you've ever been on vaca with me, first of all you know this is true, and second of all- I'm very sorry. I know it's not a very classy attitude to have, but I've been trying to undo this bad habit of letting myself go to pot on vacations. It's just, you know what they say...old habits die hard. So the first few days of our road trip I did pretty good, but as the week went on, I started to fall off the "getting ready/having a little pride wagon".

So there we were, going out to dinner in St. Johann on the last night of our trip. I lazily thought if I just wore my very sophisticated looking black coat all through dinner, I would be fine. And I would have, if the kind restaurant owner in all his chivalry, wouldn't have come over and insisted on taking my coat! I was so Busted! My embarrassment was more than I can describe...but I'll try. Don't judge me too harshly.

 Imagine being at the finest restaurant in a little village with no makeup on, not a stitch. Wearing leggings, Ugg slippers, an orange sweatshirt from Monterey, CA and your hair up in a messy bun. Not the cute kind.
To top it off your date is extremely handsome and appropriately dressed. Ahhhh it was bad! I am still so embarrassed. They honestly shouldn't have let me in.

Eric snuck a worse one but I have enough pride to keep it off the blog. I mean, it's not like we were at McDonalds (which I probably still would've looked underdressed for), we were at a really nice place, with delicious food! 
*The restaurant specialized in wild game. I went wild with some mushroom soup and Eric had goose! He loved it!*

Anyways, it's sort of funny now, but not really. I still cringe a little thinking about it. The thing is, I know I always feel better about myself when I get ready. 
Luckily, the restaurant owner was so nice... at least I think he was being nice, I couldn't really understand him haha but he was always smiling. In any case, I have made it a goal to never go to a five star restaurant in slippers again! oh my goodness.


  1. I can not even believe how wonderful your life looks! I don't even know which post to comment on or how to explain to you how jealous we are that you get to do all of these fun things! :) We hope things are going as well as we are picturing!

    Hahah miss you!

  2. I have done the underdressed thing at a nice restaurant no judging from me. But, I do have to say I have not seen one poor photo of you. You are quite photogenic

  3. This is hilarious! But seriously, you would look great in a trashbag and you're gorgeous, with or without makeup, I'm sure of it!