Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Last Saturday, Eric and I bundled up and set off to find some cool antiques in the city.

First stop: breakfast! We hopped into a local bakery called Felber. While I usually try to get something a little more on the healthy side, on this day I went crazy and got a marmalade filled croissant. It was fresh, flaky and buttery, and so much better than the multi-grain rolls I normally get. Shocker.

*Mmmm so dang good*

A block away from our flat is a street called Neubaugasse. We walk down it quite often to get to the shopping street and movie theatre and such. I always notice the little antique shops along the way as I walk by, and we had been wanting to check them out.

Unfortunately, on Saturday most of them are closed. But one antique/thrift shop was open and it was full of some real gems! Naturally there was a lot of crap too, but after some digging we both ended up with some great finds!

^^ my find: an old copy of a Chopin piece ^^

^^ Eric's finds: old Slazenger tennis balls from England ^^

^^ and an antique flashlight that still works! ^^

To celebrate our great and successful hunt (we got everything for 10 euros!), we did a little clothes shopping (all the stores have great sales on through January!).

After warming up back home, we did some research to find a fun restaurant for dinner. We found raving reviews for a restaurant called Plachutta. It serves authentic Viennese food and is most famous for its dish Tafelspitz. It is boiled beef, and comes in a variety of meat cuts. Eric ordered the tafelspitz, and I went all out with soup and fish!

*check out the Lueger Topf- eeek!*

Eric loved his food! I appreciated the authenticity of mine haha, the soup was actually delicious. Bone Marrow was also included with the tafelspitz meal. Yep- they served him a piece of cow bone, and he dug out the marrow!! I had a reeeeally hard time watching him eat it, but he said it tasted fatty and delicious. But seriously- they served him a small piece of cow bone! Apparently Eric has a much more refined palate than I do.

It was such a fun Saturday! On the way home a very happy and drunk teenager came up to us in the subway station and started talking to Eric. He asked him if I was his daughter?! Eric told him that I was actually his wife. To which the young happy drunk just gave Eric a fist bump. Then he said being married is good, until you want to party and drink...then it's not so good! haha we had a good laugh all the way home about it. 


  1. Who's this hot guy your with, and where did he get his coat?

  2. this looks so fun! i love that flashlight so much :)

  3. One word: Amazing! What a drunk. Btw you guys are lucky living so close to neubaugasse, we love those little shops. Bone marrow is yumm! Haha

  4. Haha eric's comment is hilarious. And Jean loves bone marrow too!!! I can't even handle it. MIss you guys way too much.

  5. How fun is this?? You two are too adorable. Also, can I just say that I get anxious every day hoping to get a message from you saying a day you get to come home cause I really am going to plan my shower so that you can make it. Your message made my day. :) It would be so good to see you again! We hope you two are just loving life!!!