Wednesday, February 20, 2013



From January to March it is Ball Season in Vienna. They host over 60 different balls! Just another reason to love this city. One of the most popular balls is the IAEA ball, lucky for us! Since in all honesty we will probably never get to go to another ball, Eric grabbed tickets when they went on sale a while back and I've been looking forward to it ever since! It finally came on Saturday night, and it was everything and more than I could have imagined a ball being. It was so much fun! I was incredibly surprised to find one of Eric's hidden talents is dancing. REAL the Waltz, Jive etc. My man has moves! He was so amazing, and tried to show me a few steps. We had so much fun, I wish we could go again.

It is also fun to have an excuse to dress up every once in a while! 

*waiting for the tram*

*The ball was at Hofburg Palace. It was such a beautiful venue!*

Before the dancing started, there was a program. This was the flag ceremony which was followed by a singing and dancing group from South Africa and then an Opera Soprano performance.

*South African drummer*

I enjoyed all of it but my favorite part of the program was a performance by a Viennese prima ballerina and her partner (also husband). Watching them dance was so beautiful. They just flowed like water, and he picked her up and tossed her like she was a feather. In another life I would be a dancer.

Last but not least was the presenting of the debutantes. It is a tradition back from the 18th century. You can read a little more about it here! All the young women were wearing white dresses and were escorted by a strapping young gentleman. They did a dance that totally reminded me of Downton Abbey and then invited everyone to waltz!

They had nine different rooms with live music. I love live music, there is so much more energy with a band than just a recording. We explored all the rooms but our favorites were the main ballroom and the rock n' roll/oldies rooms. We probably looked like fools but we didn't even care. It was so great! After we worked up a decent sweat we headed home with sore feet and great memories of the ball we got to go to in Vienna. 

*special thanks to Liz for letting me borrow her beautiful dress, Melissa for doing my hair, Mel for letting me borrow her shrug and hosting an eyebrow party, and Zara for my new shoes* It was a group effort getting me ready! 


  1. WOW! WOW! WOW! I have always dreamed about something like this but you actually get to LIVE it. How fun!! This is like something out of a fairytale. :)

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