Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Dad and Rochelle came to see us! 
We were wondering if we were really going to get any visitors but suddenly we had a calendar full of company coming to see us, it was awesome!! 

When they first arrived I was in Prague again for my yoga teacher training, so Eric picked them up from the airport and played tour guide for the weekend. Aside from the minor car accident on the way home from the airport and dad getting hit by a pole, I think their time went very smoothly haha. I was so excited to get home and see them!

We spent the first week seeing the best of Vienna and doing walking tours that a professor from BYU put together. They were so great! One of my favorite places we went was Belvedere Palace! I had totally forgotten about it and can't believe I almost left Vienna without seeing it. We even splurged and bought tickets to the Upper Palace which has an art exhibit with "The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt. It was so beautiful...

^^We took the tour of the catacombs under St. Stephens Cathedral. It was spooky but so cool!^^

After spending a delightful week seeing the city again as a tourist and learning some interesting history behind it, we decided that Dad and Rochelle should see as much as possible while in Europe, so we hit the road. 
First Stop: Salzburg- of course! 
It was fun to be back again and know exactly where we were and what to do.

These purple flowers were amazing! I couldn't get over them.

Waiting for dinner where we I had the best schnitzel of my life!

Our cute chalet the first night was so charming, with more purple flowers. 
As usual, Eric was an incredible tour guide and found us the greatest places to stay and eat. It takes a lot of time and effort to do all of the planning, and he really made the trip relaxing and wonderful for the rest of us. He's the best. 

After a hearty & healthy breakfast consisting of bread, cheese and Nutella, we were off to the top of Untersberg Mountain. When Eric and I went last year, we both said, "Dad would love this!" so I was so happy we were actually going to get to take him.

When we first got to the top it was seriously foggy and cloudy and we were surprised to see snow! I was a little disheartened because the best part about being up there is the view, and you could hardly see anything. I sat and willed/wished the clouds to part and after about 10 minutes they did! So we quickly snapped some photos. It was an Untersberg miracle haha.

After spending some time enjoying the views and doing a few little hikes we took the cable car back down the mountain, buckled up and headed to Italy to the Dolomites!  

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  1. SOooo fun! That is awesome that your dad and Rochelle came to visit! Everything looks AMAZING!